Top International Teams In FIFA 14







With all of the International matches and tournaments winding down and only a few world cup qualifiers still to be played, here are my predictions for the top International teams for EA Sports FIFA 14.

I know there are quite a few great teams that were left off the list that will be in contention for the World Cup next year in Brazil, but this is based on the strength of the players in the game.

France is probably the weakest out of these teams and some might say that the Netherlands have a better squad. But my estimations took into account all of the players and their strengths and weaknesses.

Without question, Argentina’s scoring ability is great but they are a little weaker in defense. But the firepower upfront makes them a great team and fun team to play with.

Italy has proven that they can hang with the top international teams with their overachievemnt in the Euro tournament. Their back line with Chiellini and Abate is good and balanced but it is their great midfield that has helped them beat expectations. Pirlo’s great passing and scoring and De Rossi’s physical play have given a boost to the team. Don’t forget Balotelli up front, he can score up close and from distance.

Spain is Spain. There are no surprises. Great goal keeping, good not great defense, solid midfield and average front line. Their showing against Brazil in the Confederation Cup will not help their rankings either.

Germany is always a powerhouse with great talent but might be taking over the game right now. Did anyone see the Champions League Semis and Finals.  Top goalkeeper in Neuer, tough and experienced defense that could use a little more speed. A plethora of world class midfiled options (Gotze, Shweinsteiger, Ozil, Kroos, Reus, Gundogan, and Schurrle). Up front you have Muller, Gomez and Klose. Tough decisions on who to play.

Brazil is loaded with great young talent and will be the most used internation in FIFA 14. Just look at the roster and see all the club team stars. Neymar, Oscar and Lucas just to name a few.